About Video Project 2: Manti Te’o Project Part 2

In my part 1 of my video project on Manti Te’o I told the story of what happened to Manti Te’o giving a timeline of the events that occurred. I described from Manti’s perspective what he thought was going on and then what was really going as he got duped by the man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. In the second part of my project I will talk about this “catfishing” phenomenon that is becoming popular with the internet age. I will describe the process of “catfishing” explain how often this is getting done to people these days and why it is getting done so often. These days the internet and new technology has created a society where you can form relationships with people without ever having to meet them in person. I will describe how this technology age is affecting the upcoming wave of adults, teens and younger. Finally what I will mainly be focusing on is how a star athlete like Manti Te’o could have been duped by someone so badly. I will give a little background on Manti and how he grew up and give possible explanations for why this could have happened to him. In my video project I will be using a video camera to conduct an Interview with a Psychologist or local expert on the topic of both the Internet age and the process of “catfishing” so they can provide a little insight of how this could have happened to Manti Te’o. I will be looking to find someone who has knowledge on Manti Te’o  and his situation. A lot of my information for this video project will be done by research on Manti’s background and roots including information on his parents, how he was raised in Hawaiin, his religion, and ethnic culture. I will also conduct extensive research on the process of “catfishing” and find out all that I do not already know about the Internet age. Along with my interview of a local expert on the topic I will include bits and pieces of Manti’s interviews before and after the story was released. I am going to include these in hopes to find any relevant information that could reveal a possible explanation for why he was fooled so badly. I will also include quotes on Manti by his parents, his teammates and coaching staff in part 2 of my project. All of the information I find will be pertaining to a possible explanation of how and why this happened to Manti.


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